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Whatever your career goals might be, Resumention have got you covered. We are a professional resume writers with year of experience that helped more than 300 people to get a job.

Which Resume Services Do We Offer?

If you are a brand new graduate looking to make your start on your career ladder, we can still help you stand out from the crowd.

We can write your resume in any area. Our most popular services include:

  • Entry level resume
  • Professional level resume
  • Executive level resume
  • Military resume
  • Federal resume

How Does Our Paid Resume Writing Service Work?

Our service works a little differently from the other resume writing services out there. We, unlike some other services, won’t just send you a resume template to fill in (let’s be honest here – you can those free online so easily, why would you choose to pay for one?).

You will receive one to one help from a professional who will provide you with guidance and support through every step of the process. Once we have gotten all of the information from you about your career so far, your goals and your qualifications and aspirations, we will produce a high quality professional resume for you.

Who Are Our Resume Writers?

Our resume writers are top rated writers who are the best in the business. With a HR or recruitment background, our writers know what a perspective employer is looking for on a resume and they make sure you have all of the relevant details and tick all of the boxes.

You will be matched with a professional resume writer who has experience working in your field so they are further aware of the key elements your resume should cover to impress the recruitment team at your company of choice.

Our writers are all vetted and undergo a testing process to ensure they really are the best person to write your resume.

What Our Customers Say

We really do believe that our resume writing service is the best service available, but then of course we would say that right!

But it’s not just us who think our service is pretty amazing. In fact, our customers believe we are fabulous too. You can check out our testimonials from our past customers to see how we have helped make people’s career goals a reality.

Cover Letter Writing

from $39.95

Many job seekers still view their cover letter as something that merely needs to tell recruiters their CV or resume is attached. That’s not the case at all. Recruiters can see for themselves what you’ve attached.
Your cover letter is your chance to pick the main points from the job description and illustrate your experience in this area. A well written cover letter guarantees your CV or resume will be given a chance.
We can write you a winning cover letter, specifically tailored to the company/job opening that you are interested in.

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LinkedIn Bio

from $69.95

This is more important than you think. Once a good recruiter has decided you’re a potential candidate, they will check out your social media profiles. For Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., as long as you use a bit of common sense, you’ll be fine. LinkedIn is another matter. Recruiters expect a professional profile that matches your CV’s claims. They don’t want to see a half put together profile that never gets updated.
We can help make your LinkedIn profile an asset to you rather than a hindrance.

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Resume Design

from $155.95

Maybe you’ve got your resume written perfectly. All the information is there, it’s concise and you know it’s pretty impressive. Now for the hard part. Design.
Remember the seven second rule? Your design has to invite someone to read your resume, not put them off. Unless you are applying for particularly creative roles, your resume needs a clean, professional looking design that isn’t boring and is easy to skim read.
We have expert designers who will ensure your resume fits the bill.

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Are you looking to make a career change? Perhaps you want to make a side ways move with your own industry, advance up the career ladder or maybe try something entirely new.

There are many resume writing services available online today, but they are not all created equal by any means. Read on to find out why Resumention are the best resume writing service on the market!

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Our Resume Writing Process

We offer a really simple process that has been tried and tested and proved to work.

  • Step One: Place your order
  • Step Two: We will match you with the best writer to fit your needs
  • Step Three: Your writer will be in touch to collate all of the information from you – your writer will be available for you to contact any time through the process if you want to add anything. They may also contact you through the process to clarify any details
  • Step Four: You will receive a draft copy of your resume and other documents you have ordered (for example, a cover letter). You can then check the document and make comments and request changes. This process can be repeated as many times as necessary until you are completely happy with your resume
  • Step Five: You will receive a final copy of your resume
  • Step Six: You will get an interview for your dream job!

Don’t forget about our full service after care too:

Questions? Just let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

Not getting that interview? If you don’t get an interview at a company within your sector within sixty days, we’ll be happy to completely rewrite your resume for you at no extra cost to you.

Professionals in Over 40 Industries provides premium CV\Resume writing service in various working fields. No matter whether it is your first CV or you`re a pro in business world and looking for a new position. 

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I applied for at least ten companies with my resume, and all of them didn`t even invite me for a job interview. Frustrating, isn`t it? I decided to ask for professional help! Resumention was that place I found and was eager to try. Provided writer did superb job on reviewing my resume and re-writ...

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Daniel, Oregon, US.
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