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Our writers are at the heart and soul of our business. Our customer service philosophy goes a long way, but without the skills of our writing team, they would be wasted. It doesn’t matter how good our services are if the product doesn’t meet our customer’s expectations. That’s why we are so choosy when it comes to taking on new writers.

Experienced Recruiters

The first thing we look for in our potential writers is a back ground in recruitment. We look for writers who have worked in HR and/or recruitment. How can we expect our writers to really know the process inside and out and what works and what doesn’t if they have never experienced it themselves?

Once we are confident that our writers have the right background, we then look into their exact field of expertise. We will then be able to ensure that our customers are matched with a writer who not only has recruitment experience, but who has recruitment experience in your specific field.

Who better to know how to impress recruiters in a field than someone who has been a recruiter in that field?

Writing Skills Test

Once we are sure a potential writer has the right skills for recruitment, we then begin assessing their writing skills.

We subject our potential writers to a series of tests which assess their writing skills. Can they convey a message concisely? Do they write in an engaging manner? Do they have the necessary spelling, punctuation and grammar skills?

Native English Speakers

We only employ writers whose first language is English. This ensures your documents will be grammatically correct and the sentence structure will be coherent and no wrong words will be used as is often the case when translation software is used.

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Jacob Huntley
Resumes and CV’s for Nursing Positions
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Jeff Volkert
Resumes and CV’s for Journalist Positions
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Carl Jungermann
Resumes and CV’s for Leisure/Hospitality Management Positions
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Susan Ames
Resumes and CV’s for Positions in Marketing
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John Barton
Resumes and CV’s for IT Positions
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Leona Tarjan
Resumes and CV’s for Educational Positions
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Resumention.com provides premium CV\Resume writing service in various working fields. No matter whether it is your first CV or you`re a pro in business world and looking for a new position. 

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I didn`t believe LinkedIn can help with a job search. Yet, thankfully to Resumention whose writer completed my profile and made it look the most professional way, I got a proposition of a new position as a business account. Stunning.

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