Resume Writing and Editing

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Resume Writing and Editing Services

One of our main services is the writing and editing of resumes.

Resume writing is a skill in itself and it is so different from other writing tasks you may have undergone. Although it is a formal document in one sense and must have a professional feel to it, it is also a document that should reflect enough of your personality to stand out from the crowd.

This is not an easy task by any means. You can of course search online for a free template and enter your information. This won’t impress recruiters. They see hundreds of these things a day. Even if you customise it slightly, a good recruiter will see the template a mile off.

That’s why we’re here! We will write you a customised resume that will stand out for the right reasons!

Our Resume Writers

Our writers all have a recruitment background. They know what makes a resume grab a recruiter’s attention and keep it. They all write in an engaging manner that will capture the recruiter’s attention without detracting from the information you want to get across.

The Research Process

Not all companies are looking for the same thing, even if they are advertising similar roles. Our writers will research the company you want to work for and they will ensure your resume is tailor made to impress the recruiters there by using key words and phrases that emphasis the company’s ethos and mission statement.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Once your draft resume has been produced, you will be given the chance to review it and request any changes you want making. This process can be repeated as often as necessary to ensure you are fully happy with your resume before we produce the final copy for you.

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