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Resume Designing Services

With hundreds of applicants for advertised positions, it is more important than ever that your resume stands out from the crowd.

While the content of your resume is key to getting that interview, the design plays a large part too. A badly designed resume is less likely to be read which means no matter how amazing it is no one will know!

The Designing of a Resume

There are many elements to consider when designing your resume:

  • Fonts
  • Spacing
  • Colour(s)
  • Keywords
  • Scannability

Below we will talk a bit more about each one:


It’s important to use a clear, easy to read font that is easy on the eye. No one wants to read a fussy font that makes words hard to decipher.


Knowing how and where to have some white space is important, otherwise your resume will be an overwhelming block of text that probably won’t get read.


Unless you’re applying for a really creative role, simple is best. A little colour pop can make your resume stand out but not many recruiters will entertain coloured fonts on coloured backgrounds!


Your resume will often be scanned by a program before it reaches a recruiter. It’s important to use relevant keywords from the job description in your resume to get it noticed.


Most resumes are submitted electronically now. When reading on a device, most people scan in a letter E shape. It’s important to make sure text cuts in at the right places and that the most important information is strategically placed to be noticed with a quick scan.

How We Can Help

We can of course write your entire resume. If you choose this option, your resume design will be included in your package. Alternatively, if you are happy with your current resume, we can design it to stand out for you.

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