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Cover Letter Writing Services

Do you appreciate the value of a cover letter as part of your application process? If no, then you are setting yourself up to fail.

Your cover letter is the first thing a potential employer will read. If this letter isn’t good enough, you can have the most amazing CV or resume in the world and it won’t matter, because no recruiter will ever read it.

Components of A Good Cover Letter

A good cover letter should be engaging. It should make anyone reading it want to continue to learn more. They should want to read the full letter and in turn, be motivated to read your CV.

So how do you do that?

The first thing to remember is your cover letter should be tailor written for the company and position you are applying for. It shouldn’t be a blanket document that you wheel out for every position.

Many companies use automated scanning to decide which letters will even be read by recruiters. This means you must use keywords and phrases from the job advert and person specification to even stand a chance of being noticed.

Your cover letter should reveal enough information about why you are suited to the position to make you sound appealing, but not so much information that the letter becomes a saga. One or two pages should be more than enough.

How We Can Help You

Resumention can help you by crafting your cover letter to ensure that relevant words are used and the letter is interesting and engaging. We will never use a template based letter – all of our cover letters are tailor written for the position you are applying for and all of them will reference the company name and position which helps to connect you to the advertised position.

We will produce a cover letter that will get your CV read not rejected!

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